What to Replace A.P.R.C. with: An Intro to Gambia’s National Development

What to Replace A.P.R.C. with: An Intro to Gambia’s National Development
by Muhammed Sillah, August 2013

If Gambia is going to grow and become a developed plateau, we must be led by a democratic leader and reformer who is innovatively driven for equal success amongst all Gambians. The importance of a great leader for this Country will be determined by the drive of Gambians towards our success: the privilege to work and to be solely involved in government policies and programs. Perspectives in which we should visualize our success in world class national development must be beyond the next general election. It must be into the next decade due to the required investment, self sustenance and time in modernizing Gambia. People is where the power is.

Who Gambia Needs
In any case, from within us, there must arise a leader with the capabilities of such gesture who is naturally nurturing in order to put the course of our dreams into becoming a reality. Big promises and null hopes from government whose delegates and consular are never stable in our office are required to ensure government projects are carried out effectively? This ensures our failure and tired broken dreams as Gambians. A reformer and a man of proven conscience with the know how to reach for innovative methods of self sustenance, regard for life, protection of our integrity and dignity as a people would be our best shot for leadership as oppose to power hungry, rampant leaders who cannot be leaders of their own immediate family.

A Step Towards National Security
The security of our land and her people has always been at risk with numerous attempts by rebels who feel the need to take leadership of our way of life without notice by lethal grounds. An attack or coup in the removal of our legitimately selected government has only been a success once and its leadership has not lived to fulfill its expectations. It has sacrificed some of our highly noble government representatives and civil servants who spoke to protect our rights and fundamental privileges.
There is no local government body able to investigate citizen disappearances. The government themselves show no response in care or support in this course which should therefore weaken every Gambian’s support and trust in such government. Gambia has made great reforms but to single out the consideration we had with Senegal when it was supposed to be a benefit to both parties is a failure. We bypassed those benefits and such union which would mainly secure us from neighboring countries and rebels from selfish attacks on our government. The need for a stronger and more unified union with Senegal would strengthen our security from outside leaders and from rebellious military personnel’s from within us by placing our lives at risk for their selfish needs for leadership and alike the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council in 1994. We must examine our choice of leadership and be concerned enough to vouch out our needs and expectations in such government and leadership. We must also be weary enough to replace and remove them should they come short of their programs through votes or impeachment.

Retaining Our Educated Pool
Gambia is diminutive geographically and by population but we have world class educated professionals globally who hold significant occupations and are in full contribution in development of other nations as if Gambia isn’t in need of their expertise. These men and women around the world are frightened by the APRC government who exists only to perpetrate them for their ideas, cravings for justice and transparency for the rest of us. We need to make way for these individuals by raising enough awareness nationwide in order to permit their relocation back to the Gambia and/or revive their interest in coming back, even if it takes the impeachment of our present government that is shrinking in popularity nationwide and in the international community.
There are a great deal of students who pursue certain professions who are never in line with the needs of national development. Many Gambians opt for professions such as information technology, accounting courses, and judicial studies while there is little or no companies, businesses and institutions to hire them. Occupations should lead to a rise in development. If certain fields of study are undeveloped or overdeveloped the economy in general will fail.

Sustainable Living
Our resources are limited but with the practice of modern agricultural techniques and a high class implementation of renewable energy programs, we would stand firm in building our Gambia from scratch thereby producing enough energy for personal consumption and industrial use. The establishment of a bio gas plant through essential sophisticated programs can forever put a stop to the deforestation of our land for firewood and thereby with the production and use of manure it will generate agricultural produce. Solar energy product plants could guarantee us enough energy from the continual scorching sun for domestic consumption. It will also attract investors to opt for the establishment of well known companies into the Gambia to further promote business and job opportunities. In any case, renewable energy is considered the most self sustaining method for energy production that satisfies many third world nations that Gambia can take as an example. The practice of the science and technology of these policies and programs must be indulged into our education systems plus modern skilled trades to nurture Gambians and prepare them for a new transforming Gambian.

For the Youth: Entertainment
Gambia cannot just take a lead in the social and entertainment aspect of life if there is no market for these talents. The Gambian youths are locked in the cloud of being a target of the entertainment lifestyle while we neglect to fend for more reliable national developmental projects and programs to feed and provide for our shelter and enhancement. A musician, dancer, or actor is always good for entertainment while we work on the necessary human needs as a developing nation. There is more promise in areas that are in need of our involvement for success as a nation including enough political awareness, skill trade and enough regard for our respectful religions.
The need for all citizens to be politically involved would definitely ensure our leaders live by their words but also close the gap for possible corruption that deteriorates our lives with or without notice. Today’s Gambians are known to lose interest in what is really in control of their lives yet they complain of what they feel isn’t fair in the basic provisions of life for example food and social amenities without realizing that governments are solely responsible for these privileges. We must ignore the party and entertainment life for a more productive means for national development or at least entertain ourselves according to the teachings of our religion where we would be educated while being entertained. Should we use the entertainment industry to entertain the mass while we educate them on issues like their health, promotions of girl’s education, penalizing crimes like rape and promoting good morals, Gambia would benefit from these the most. Entertainment should not require the loss of our dignity and integrity and should we not want our children to learn from these advocates we shouldn’t be promoting them or associate with them.

Our Next Meal: The River
We are consuming more than we produce. Rice especially is weighing down on our economy more than we can handle. There is an abundant savings for us should we use the river Gambia to its fullest potential. We need to create irrigation projects along its banks for intense food production, specifically rice. Since tremendous funding is required for nation building we are lucky to have something like a river in between us that we can depend upon for agriculture. Many land locked countries have better agricultural projects than the Gambia. Domestic water usage should never be scarce or highly expensive to acquire if we can collect and purify from our river in abundance. The most rewarding benefit of being a costal country must be outlined and taken advantage of to be a proven and reliable program that can yield our economy positively including tourism and ship harboring.

Tourism Management
Many Europeans like to settle in our lands during their times off work and this should be a chance to develop, to the maximum our ability to provide for them the best attractions inland and also at the banks of the ocean. The attractions of our landscape, museums, rivers, culture etc. must be well crafted to attract visitors and convince many others globally to make Gambia their favorite vacation destination. The attraction by the international community to our Country with all that we have to offer would include demonstration of the protection of every Gambians human rights democratically which would increase Gambia on the economic map and scale.

When Gambia is believed to be a safe haven for all citizens to be enjoyed by all citizens globally then it might be considered the actual smiling coast of Africa without a gimmick. We must strive collectively to work and pray in order to live in peace and unity each day and to ensure that justice guides our actions wherever we may be, come what may.


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