Muhammed Speaks

Muhammed Speaks

“The abolishment of rampant reforms that repel immigrants, refugees and tourists must take effect immediately to prevents the escalation of bad blood between and the international community. Scrutinizing government policies must be a high ranking agenda for all Canadians because immigration reforms and foreign policies do not reflect the beliefs, norms and expectations of Canadians. The implementation of Canadian foreign policies in the safeguard of human rights and the protection of freedom fighters worldwide must start from within Canada.”


Gambia, travel advice – GOV.UK

  • Still current at: 6 October 2013
  • Updated: 3 October 2013

    Latest update: Summary – The Gambia announces withdrawal from the Commonwealth


On 2 October, The Gambia announced its immediate withdrawal from the Commonwealth. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is seeking clarification of this announcement. There are no apparent implications for UK visitors.

Following political disagreement between the government of The Gambia and the European Union about the deterioration of human rights in The Gambia there has been an increase in political tension which may lead to unannounced demonstrations in Banjul and other parts of the country. You should avoid all demonstrations.”

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Two Hour Interview With Awake Radio (Friday, October 4th @ 8pm Ontario Time)

Two Hour Interview With Awake Radio (Friday, October 4th @ 8pm Ontario Time)

Muhammed’s wife talks about the new Canadian immigration and refugee system, private detention centres, the Canada Border Services Agency, the current Lindsay, Ontario hunger strike, the current political climate in West Africa’s country The Gambia (including, the tyrant Yahya Jammeh, and how it all relates to the case of Muhammed Sillah.

September 29th, 2013

Today marks four months of Muhammed’s detainment. 1/3 of a year. He was last home when spring just started. The last time I hugged and kissed him after I saw government men arrest him without even reading him his rights.

Until someone has lost their freedom, there is no understanding as to what it’s like, and in that, a purposeless detainment due to some emotional IRB and CBSA members who do not believe in the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Human Rights and Freedom. They believe they are above the law and exercise that in their behaviour and decisions.

If we were working in the context of law, Muhammed would be free. Until then, Muhammed and I will stand for what is right, for truth in his case and need for temporary protection, for other immigrants and refugees in Canada who are being denied their rights and have become victim of insensible, inefficient reforms, and for the freedom of Gambians from oppression. In these stands there are sacrifices, and each and every human being has a duty to do the same: to do what is right, not just what is right for themselves.


Immigration detainees vow to continue hunger strike

“Immigration detainees recently shuffled from Toronto to a Lindsay facility have vowed to continue a hunger strike until detention conditions improve.

The 191 inmates, held in Toronto West Detention Centre before their transfer to Lindsay in August, staged a protest and held a brief hunger strike last Tuesday, claiming poor treatment at the new facility, located almost two hours from Toronto.

About 150 detainees resumed a hunger strike Monday, consuming only water and juices, said inmate Eric Kusi. At least four inmates have fallen sick due to low blood sugar and blood pressure, he said.”

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Visitors and Tourists to Canada

By Muhammed Sillah 9.24.2013

As Canadians leave for other countries around the world to seek leisure, discover other wonders, history and attractions of other countries many other nationalities seek the same by pursuing legitimate travel documents and Canadian visa’s but are denied entry to Canada once arriving. Tourists from around the world especially Eastern Europe, China, Africans, and Southern Americans are denied entry into Canada, specifically Toronto. These tourists have enough funding for their visit including pocket money and hotel reservation, but they are either accused of attempting to secure jobs in Canada or deemed strangers who do not know anyone in Canada.

Naturalized citizens of westernized countries whose background are of African descent are deemed not to be Europeans and are confiscated by CBSA and ensured their nationality and deported. Tourists obtain legitimate visa’s from Canadian embassies in their countries for visitation purposes and make payments for their tickets mounting to hundreds of dollars but upon arrival at the Canadian port of entry, they are arrested, detained indefinitely or deported. Many tourists to Canada have been arrested and detained for intending to discover Canada’s attractions however Canadians going to other countries are treated with respect, dignity and are provided with their demands adequately. CBSA is rejecting visitors illegally under the Vienna convention and their rights are stripped from them as visitors and false allegations to hold them accountable. The majority of these tourists are business owners, and could not afford to leave their already successful businesses to leave or work in Canada thereby abandoning their families just to live in Canada.

Canada, under the leadership of the CBSA is crafting a heinous image for Canada that is deteriorating the image outsiders see Canada to be. The CBSA are not exercising or reflecting these norms of Canadians, therefore Canada’s losing their outermost beauty and tolerance to the rampant behavior of CBSA officials. Many tourists and immigrants who are deported are beginning to have bad blood for Canada and are expecting to equally treat Canadians should they visit their countries in search for pleasure or discovery of attractions. Canada is globally known for their respect for human rights, equality and welcoming visitors and immigrants but are gradually losing this image and tolerance to CBSA who are being motivated by reformers who are reflecting their own need and greed for votes. Slamming doors on outsiders would only encourage outsiders to either close their doors on Canadians or treat them with injustice or abusive behavior. CBSA should not sacrifice Canadian visitation rights by being rampant and establishing false allegations on visitors to Canada who would leave but also encourage their countrymen to take similar actions based on their experience. If Canada does not need immigrants who have positively raised their economy in various aspects, and are in rejection of visitors and tourists, they must stop issuing such visa’s and make known to other governments and their people about their change in travelling requirements to Canada. People from different parts of the world are losing time and money in an attempt to visit Canada therefore standards in prevention of such laws may be announced and allegations must be put to rest.

Almost all Canadians except the aboriginal at one point immigrated to Canada or their ancestors did, therefore, the creed to keep those immigrants, refugees and tourists from coming into Canada is based on purely selfish grounds and hypocrisy. No one is illegal.

What is Immigration Detention? What Does It Cost?

Some of the prisoners are long-term detainees, people immigration enforcement cannot deport but will not release. Others have been designated as ‘high security’ based on prior criminal history but this can be as little as an arrest that has not led to conviction. Some people have been in jail for over 7 years because Canada unlike the US and UK has no limit on how long someone can be held prior to deportation.


About Superintendent Neil Neville: Neville was in charge of Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre in 2009, when two inmates died. He left EMDC in May 2011, and took on several roles within the provincial bureaucracy before taking over in Lindsay. Inquests held into the 2009 deaths painted a picture of an overcrowded, understaffed EMDC with inadequate medical care and supervision of inmates.

About Immigration Detention in Canada: Between 2004 and 2011, 82,000 people were locked up in immigration detention. At least another 25,000 have been imprisoned since 2011. In 2012, 289 of the detainees were children, many of them under the age of 10. There are three dedicated immigration detention centres in Canada: in Toronto, in Laval and in Vancouver. The Kingston centre, specially built for the security certificate detainees, known as “Guantanamo North”, was quietly closed in 2011. The rest of the detainees, about 35% of the total are held in maximum security provincial prisons, some unable to leave their cells for 18 hours a day. $53, 775, 000 in public money is spent on immigration detention annually or $239 per day. Comparatively, a unit of social housing can be provided at less than $31/day. The total cost of immigration detention including surveillance and supervision of immigrants, particularly of security certificate detainees and those not in detention is much higher. Immigration detention centres are a $50million business, run in partnership with private companies like G4S, Garda and Corbel Management Corporation. In Toronto alone, G4S and Corbel were paid $19 million between 2004 and 2008. Garda has the contract for the Laval Immigration Holding Centre.

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Freedom to Move, Return, Stay: In the last ten years, the number of people without full status (refugee claimants, temporary workers, etc) has increased by 60% but permanent residency visas have stayed constant. Refugee acceptance rates are less then 25%. Too many migrants are denied full status, and are forced to live in the country without papers, services, justice or dignity. Migrants without full status live in daily fear of detention and deportation. Those arrested are locked up in cages in brutish conditions awaiting forced deportations. This system is broken. We insist: No One Is Illegal! End Immigration Detentions! Freedom for All Prisoners!

200 Detainees on Hunger Strike in Lindsay, Ontario

Please show your support and solidarity and be a part of something that needs put into a microscope and scrutinized. The treatment of detainees in detention in Canada. There are currently 200 detainees on hunger strike opposing their treatment and move to a new facility.

Please sign the petition and call the number provided to express your discontent. If this is happening in Ontario, which it is, we have some serious problems.

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