A Gambian’s Political Involvement

by Muhammed Sillah, Sept 2013

Gambian need “new blood” for a political correctness which would reflect the ancient and present day beliefs, norms, and dreams of Gambians collectively.  The exclusion of Gambians in the political arena by aggressive reformers and so called revolutionaries, who by lethal force implement their primitive policies and selfish need for leadership, is deviating Gambians from gaining any political interest or achieving their dreams as citizens.
The cornerstone of the collective national development with the unity of all Gambians dynamically, is to pave way for a more participatory approach towards politics, which is the undeniable response to all citizen concerns. The fight for overall freedom, liberty and equality among us should not be in the nature of aggression or strife. It should be in dialogue and constant awareness of government policies, as well as its toll on our national development and state of living. The awareness of government procedures at all times fends for all citizens the need to reassure themselves of their expectations and the leadership in such government. Working towards national development is significant for our livelihood today, and for the future citizens of this country. If we don’t make ourselves a better state of living to enjoy, we must not be selfish in creating a foundation of prosperity for the future leaders and citizens.
The Gambian leader has adopted many critics within his political counterparts who are in disapproval in the nature of leadership regarding his disregard for many freedoms and privileges denied by many Gambians. This is a growing havoc for all citizens should we be in continual silence as if we are in acceptance of such actions.
It is a requirement for all Gambians to unite under an umbrella of transparency, justice and freedom to hold Jammeh accountable for his primitive leadership.
Going forward as a nation cannot be in the absence of the majority of our national elites and elders who are being fearful for their lives in positive contribution for a more sustainable way of life for all. Being fearful for our lives for participating in the politics of our country should raise the question “why not?”. If our noble opinions are rejected or threatened we require a new government or leadership with whom we can trust and relate to should we become concerned about matters of government.
Should we be betrayed by a government who does not bring forth her promises we are required to be concerned enough to question and ensure she is reminded in order to stay on course for what is expected of her or be replaced either by votes during elections or impeachment. The impeachment of a leader must be recognized by all citizens or at least the majority should the government deviate from her course or further put us in harm’s way or reject our opinions.
The breakage of silence in the political lives of Gambians is a must. Should we risk suffering imprisonment or death by our own elected government, then we must render such government illegitimate, and face the risk come what may once and for all. We must be very concerned about our political involvement for it rules with or without our approval. If we do not stand to protect our rights together with others we might pay a bigger price in retention of these rights sooner or later. The rights of every Gambian must be treated as everyone else’s rights. Should we fail to protect on another, we all would fail or be heard by a system of government we can never find a cure for. A gradual disrespect and abuse of our rights might become chronic in the actions of our government should we neglect to keep them honest or not become attentive to victims of such pathetic governing body. We must unite in perspective of what we wish for our Country, and protect it as if it belongs to us individually. We must not be lame in giving into others who would lead us in a way that our norms and beliefs are disapproved of.
As Gambians we must take responsibility in how we are treated under the arms of the government, and be responsive to any action subdued on us either positive or negative. Never should we overhear concerns of other Gambians to be of little or no importance and should we tend to be suspicious of anything, we must demand scrutinizing of such government actions. Holding our government responsible is for our general benefit and forward movement as a people without fear or favour.

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