What can you do to fight with us?

1. Like our page and share as much as possible. Like the posts and comment!

2. Sign and share our petition everywhere you can!

3. Send letters of support, encouragement and demand that Muhammed have justice. You can send them to:
You can address your letter to us, directly to Muhammed or to one of the following officials:
Prime Minister, Stephen Harper
Minister of Public Safety, Steve Blaney
President of CBSA, Luc Portelance
Chief of Detention, Sajjad Bajtti

4. Help us in legal fees, campaign costs, and bond money at:

5. Join other causes for cases in Canada also fighting a hard battle like: “We Are Jose”… Solidarity!

6. Try and stay in the loop of the immigration system and reforms in Canada through personal research and news

7. And lastly, don’t forget about us! Make lots and lots of du’a!

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