I cannot speak for the work ethic and behaviour of all 13,000 CBSA officers across Canada and globally, but I can speak from my own experience. An experience which I have seen with my own eyes, and felt with my own heart, and pocket. Knowing what I’m told about Canada’s fairness, and knowing the life of one man better than anyone else in this world. My husband, friend and partner. I know his passions and his struggles. I know his strengths and his weaknesses. How he explains almost every morning about what new way to help Gambia he has finished researching each and every morning, after fajr prayer. Or what he plans for our future to provide for our hopeful family. Or what the newest Canadian politics are on the mind’s of citizens here. He can see East and West, rich and poor, black and white, and decipher the good and bad. What is fair and what is beneficial to humanity. How he has been taught to stand up in the way of justice, to the best of his ability, in the way’s like Martin Luther King, like Marcus Garvey, like Malcolm X, like Muhammad Ali, and like Muhammad SAW!!

Perhaps CBSA are understaffed, and move through these “aliens” cases like a fast food restaurant, or perhaps they have been given orders to remove X number of people from Canada in the first quarter (and to target certain religions or races), or perhaps they don’t understand anymore what they’re doing on a bigger scale and forget that they’re dealing with human life. Perhaps only 10% of asylum cases are legitimate, but the way the system is currently designed, they will never catch those 10% because they have created within their own system a routine of setting people up to fail. They have allowed their Federal Court given power to go to their head’s. What human being in a detention review hearing can bring forward 100% false allegations against someone in the hopes to keep them detained or to pay back for doing right. Out of retribution that the truth has been spoken. That everything has been 100% transparent on our side. Once you start speaking the truth, you cannot stop, there is no going back. Even if you stop, they continue. People need to know what’s happening. We need to take a stand against what is wrong, for ourselves, and for the people after us. So we will continue, peacefully, respectfully, truthfully, direct, with honour and remembering that maybe the ones who gossip, or the ones who think they know so much of this system but really have no idea, or the ones who have sat down in the fight, will have to answer one day why they gave up, why they did nothing, why they only cared about their own struggles and why they are in that position, and that’s because people let it.

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