Through the help of a new friend, Muhammed and his wife were referred to an amazing lawyer who took the case. What was uncovered is that the amendment to Muhammed’s original approval for protection, which was dated January 3rd, 2013, cannot, in legal terms be amended by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. They did it anyway. The proper information has been filed to the Federal Court of Canada for judgement.

Simply put, Muhammed has been arrested and detained illegally. If CBSA had done a proper analysis of his case, and referred to law, he would not have been arrested and scheduled for removal at all! In the hopes that the Federal Court of Canada agree that the “amended decision” should be declared “null”, the campaign continues for justice for Muhammed.

Muhammed and his wife believe that the board member judge from the IRB are keeping him in the detention centre out of retribution because of the campaign, transparency, awareness and struggle to bring justice to all individuals with a similar fight. Until and if/when they get an order from Federal Court, despite what his lawyer presented to the board member of the IRB in his last detention review, Muhammed and his wife believe they will hold him to make this as hard as possible and to “punish” them.

Below is one page from his last Federal Court submittal to bring awareness to this immigration system in Canada and in the hopes more people understand, and so that MUHAMMED CAN HAVE JUSTICE.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” -Martin Luther King Jr.


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