“…those f***ing hypocrites” – Jammeh

“Interviewer: Let’s suppose  Snowden was a Gambian,  who who who, let’s say he was a Gambian, what  what what would have happened, in this, in this, in regards to the same case?

Jammeh: Ooooh *laughs*, the Evil Union would have been saying “Oh yes, we are concerned about the increasing, the deteriorating human rights situation in The Gambia. Those f***ing hypocrites. Of course, that’s it, they would have said so, they would have said so! Some evil people that are lying that are writing nonsense about the Gambia are being protected. And that is why also, as of now, I have decided that there will be no military cooperation with any country no matter developed you are. We don’t need your military. We have been training our army.”  August 3rd, 2013.

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