Analysis by Essa Bokarr Sey

“Come Monday our agents who are on the ground will be deployed to get
us motion pictures of these lengthy lines of sufferers. We are
inviting the NIA to the show of SPY GAMES on Monday. As far as Yahya’s
IT experts are so tech savvy and his Spy agencies are so active lets
play some Russian roulette or throw the dice then see who wins.
In all this mess we have Gambians who are living witnesses but trying
to stop their eyes from looking at the real picture or the hard facts
as they stand now. It is sad and unfortunate likewise hard to muster
or swallow as a reality but the truth is that our country is under the
dark clouds of uncertainty as we speak. Anything can happen at any
time from this second I am doing these analysis.  While some of us
remain here bickering over issues related to personality cult and
egocentric feelings our country is being choked to the point of death!
While others on the ground are baffled, perplexed and above all
breathing the air of despair, Yahya Jammeh in his fat, sick and
sickening head sees himself as a leader. In a fool’s world such mess
what he or she will call performance! Of course the sun of reason and
reasoning is right above us now, it had risen moons ago! The  cone is
crumbling right before Yahya’s  eyes yet he calls himself an honorable
son of the land who performs per excellence! Now the question this….
Gambians have we been  cursed? Not at all! Are we the cause?  If we
continue choosing indifference over difference in opinion when
compared to the cliché that is electrocuting our nation’s body
constitution, then be rest assured that we are part of the cause or
causes!  We must be seen as a lot whose vision is breeding difference
in opinion or else we shall perish in anguish and despair. That is not
good for us here on earth and after departing this world.   Who is
bearing the side effects or will be here to feel the heavy weight of
those long term effects that will be here after Yahya is captured? We
the people. The people here includes, the active, the passive, the
pompous, the arrogant, the egocentric, the adamant, the steadfast, the
willing, the unwilling, the patriotic, the nationalistic, the
conscious, the selfless, the selfish, the indifferent, the slimy, the
hypocritical, the facilitators, the lazy, the brilliant, the dull, the
dumb, the wicked, the short sighted, those who think deep, those who
think shallow and the greedy!
When will it all end? When we take ownership of our roles as citizens
then remind Yahya Jammeh that power belongs to the people!
GNA, NIA, POLICE, STATE GUARD and Citizens who have access to doing

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