“Coup de tat by the Gambia National Army, July 22nd 1994” is the author’s autobiography chronicling the events of the title and its impact in his life. It is a story filled with lessons about Gambian history with a special focus on the genesis of the Gambian Military. For complexity, Lt. Col. Sarr alternated his story in the early chapters between scenes in the Gambia and his struggles to obtain political asylum in the United States of America. The book also revealed recollections from his childhood to educate his readers about certain social and spiritual beliefs and traditions in the Gambia.

After the first few chapters, which set up the coup and established his thoughts about it, he further provided a detailed history of his personal life up to the time of his enlistment in the Gambia National Army. There he discussed his first days in the USA in the early 80’s sequentially focusing on life in the Gambia before, during and after the coup.

The book is intended to be instructive and educational to readers interested in, among other things, the background of the Gambia National Army and current APRC government headed by President Yaya A. J. J. Jammeh since July 22nd 1994.”

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