Immigration 101: The Ill-Treatment of Immigrants and Refugees

By Muhammed Sillah, July 2013

The bashing of immigrants and refugees is becoming a hobby, expression of ignorance and selfishness by today’s citizens whose grandparents were once legal immigrants and refuge seekers. We are all immigrants to this earth anyways and by choice we have children to live and migrate to different parts of this world we now call home for various significant reasons, but mainly for greener pastures. In Canada, only the natives might feel squeezed by the rest of us until we can figure where they have migrated from but as of now we can be assured that Columbus’s discovery was a hoax?

In my noble opinion, it really shouldn’t matter who migrates where as long as they abide by a common law safeguard everyone’s rights and freedom. Today’s immigrants have little or close to no chance acquiring status in other lands, especially the West, but Canada specifically because they now feel big enough to own the lands their grandparents were once permitted to live in. Many of today’s Canadians possess European background and the establishment of their grandparents in Canada from ages ago has guaranteed for them strong foundations, somewhat ego and a bit of selfishness enough to repel and deprive today’s immigrants from acquiring such good life.

Canada is massive geographically and should we rely on more productive reforms, without being immigrant and refugee repellant, there won’t be too many people flocking into Canada as many are wrongly convinced. There can never be too many people living in Canada and if China isn’t depressed by her people we’re just probably being selfish to other migrants or simply out of reforms to reform our way of life and make way for others. If ordinary Canadians feel overpopulation and job snatching is caused by immigrants, are they not so concerned as aboriginal are not concerned? Should natives now consider passing bills in order to remove all Canadians with French/German/Irish background and call North America theirs as it really is? That might be pathetic but they really could free us all to our native lands to where we originally belong to have all North America to them, how is that in definition of selfishness? Even the habits of animals have better migration reforms than us humans because we are growing bigger as a world in selfishness, degrading each other, discriminating and being judgmental of our origins. This behavior is quite new in an overall Canadian concept which makes one wonder who are these new Canadians and if they are losing their grip on stability.

The types of immigration methods vary from false passports and visa’s to boating’s but the majority of them have the same concept which is to seek greener pasture and assist their families poverty and war torn countries. Therefore there must be an authentic reasonable examination to be conducted to ensure that the most vulnerable are given a chance regardless of their method of entry into Canada.

Criminal immigrants and refugee seekers should be the main target of reformers and agencies assigned to immigrant duties and they should be chasing, arresting and detaining of such individuals without trampling on the law abiding immigrants who have clear police records and are in support of their families abroad and in Canada. This is a more exclusive way of spreading help around the world and if these immigrants practice skills that are utilized by Canadian businesses they should be granted a chance to extend or legalize their stay for efficiency in the adoption of immigrant workers. These workers would further utilize their time at work in support of their independence. Should there be a child involve during their stay in Canada they could not be more supportive of them financially and emotionally if they are present in Canada especially a child with special needs. There should be a consideration of lives that are disrupted with deportation orders and the immigration and refugee board must intervene to scrutinize the unnecessary suffering of people under their duties.

Today’s odd jobs in Canada are mainly carried out by immigrants and refugees because a great deal of them suffer from language barrier and do not have Canadian experience to work in the same fields familiar to them at home. The odd jobs these immigrants hold to build their lives on are usually rejected by everyday Canadians. There are many tough industrial jobs, farming, home care, and oil field jobs that are in the hands of immigrants and it contributes to a great percentage in the development of Canada’s economy. Many of these immigrants are undocumented and others are on expired work or visitor visa’s. These talented immigrants must be granted permanent residency if they put in a request or at least be able to renew their work visa from within Canada if their employers are willing to renew their contracts. Why would anyone be displaced by being returned home for a status renewal if you can just continue with your jobs and not put a stop at providing for their family or a halt in production of industries who keenly rely on these immigrants.

These immigrants are sharing their skills and bringing in new business ideas in the food industry, fashion, skilled trade, etc. Thereby serving as a comfort zone for others immigrants and citizens at large. Despite the fact that immigrants are being called in by government, these jobs are not directed to (immigrants only).

They are jobs for whoever is qualified and since many of these immigrants are skillful and determined to make a living more than natives, they perform better at work sites because their families abroad depend on them and do not have welfare to cater for their families should they stop providing for them. This boosts the level of determination by immigrants to hold onto whatever job they have and they would naturally become favorites. These immigrants do pay taxes even if they are undocumented because companies or agencies who pay cash usually deduct from pay day. They also pay taxes on whatever they purchase in Canada.

The need to encourage immigrant workers is a must because many industries are now chronic with the workforce of immigrants and they would be faced with bankruptcy or business closure should there be a removal of undocumented immigrants because there would not be a replacement for such workforce. The main reason for the ill treatment of immigrants is for a political gain. It is for the satisfaction of the ignorant and angry citizen voters who are being turned down by companies that are rejecting their working habit and their tendencies to keep up with the demands of Canadian companies and industries. In order to win the support and votes of the majority, today’s reformers and politicians naturally with no consideration to the lifestyle and needs of the minority and immigrants.

The rampant removal of immigrants and failed refugee claimants who no longer secure the chance to have their removals assessed pre removal are baffled by the separation of their Canadian children and this significance breakage of family relations is a major consequence suffered by immigrants and refugees. Law abiding immigrants who are subjected to leave Canada having overstayed on visa’s and have been able to involve with Canadian women and produce children, now find it difficult to leave their Canadian families even when their visa’s have expired. This is the leading cause of undocumented immigrant. The young Canadians whose fathers are to leave them are usually left with their mothers who are not stabilized enough to cater for their children. The mothers to these Canadian children are forced to go on welfare and forced to live a life that they are not accustom to. This results to more weight on the welfare sector and also a loss in the contribution of the growth in the economy because their main provider are not available to work, pay taxes, and provide for their families needs adequately. The parents of these poor Canadians who are being removed from Canada have close to no chance in preparation before their removal for they have been spotted and arrested on their way to work or from work, without a physical goodbye to their children or spouse.  Should there be a business they operate or have hidden valuables at storage centres, banks, etc. these valuables are usually lost in vain, if their spouses are not entitled to have access to them. This is a result to the depression of Canadian women whose spouses or baby fathers are taken away and face unfamiliar occurrence in raising their young ones. These men are held in detention centres that are housed with sick detainees and angry security guards who never treat anyone with respect and also hungry lawyers for cash. These immigrants put their trust in Canadian immigration lawyers and consultants who are never assessed by CBSA for their services to these immigrants so they flock into immigration holding centres and easily win the trust of these immigrants thereby luring them into their demands, hundreds and thousands of dollars in exchange with lies and null promises. Many of these immigrants and refugees are rattled by language barrier and can’t clearly express themselves even with a translator. They cannot really express what is of most concern in their case and if dates and other critical info are not well presented or remembered their stake for removal by CBSA becomes imminent or a result in failure of refugee hearings.

As for refugees they have only one chance to acquire protection in Canada which is at their refugee proceeding and should they fail they cannot be eligible for a removal assessment for it requires a year in between refusal date and application. Even when refugees are convinced that they are still fearful from being returned home they are threatened to sign removal tickets that are to be paid back to CBSA twice the original amount should they secure a chance to return to Canada and if they fail to sign these removal tickets they are placed in shackles and handcuffs or taken to jail.

The ill treated who are at the verge of leaving Canada is gradually contributing to the bad image of Canada to outsiders. There is a growth in population qualms worldwide and economies of every nation are affected by these problems but this should not result to the inhumane treatment of immigrants and other Canadians who depend on them as lovers, providers and survivors. We as a people of this world must come together in treating the world economy collectively to ensure people around the world are enjoying sound political, economy and social amenities. Newcomers must be welcomed on controlled reforms and not degrade, abuse, or disappointing them. To avoid discrimination in choosing who is at risk and deserve assessment in refugee claiming, we must weed out factors like origins, religious beliefs, race and colour.

If Canadians believe that jobs are being snatched by these immigrants that does not require the inhumane treatment of refugees and immigrants by revoking their chance to be heard pre removal from Canada or be housed in facilities where their bones are chewed by guards and swallowed by lawyers. This is defiantly an image Canada does not expect to look like towards her own people, especially outsiders who cannot but paint the image of their treatment for the rest of the world to see. This would eventually create bad blood between Canada and the international community and the unpopularity of Canadians and their treatment outside Canada would worsen should they visit foreign countries.
Good reformers do what they feel is best for them but better reformers do what is best for all citizens and visitors. In all, the best reformer does what is best for the world at large. Jason Kenney is a bad reformer under Harper’s dictation.

Note to self: did we ever think of Westerners flocking to third world nations for asylum in the future for whatever reason? I guess not but we must keep our fingers crossed and hope that what comes around would not go around in this case.

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