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I cannot speak for the work ethic and behaviour of all 13,000 CBSA officers across Canada and globally, but I can speak from my own experience. An experience which I have seen with my own eyes, and felt with my own heart, and pocket. Knowing what I’m told about Canada’s fairness, and knowing the life of one man better than anyone else in this world. My husband, friend and partner. I know his passions and his struggles. I know his strengths and his weaknesses. How he explains almost every morning about what new way to help Gambia he has finished researching each and every morning, after fajr prayer. Or what he plans for our future to provide for our hopeful family. Or what the newest Canadian politics are on the mind’s of citizens here. He can see East and West, rich and poor, black and white, and decipher the good and bad. What is fair and what is beneficial to humanity. How he has been taught to stand up in the way of justice, to the best of his ability, in the way’s like Martin Luther King, like Marcus Garvey, like Malcolm X, like Muhammad Ali, and like Muhammad SAW!!

Perhaps CBSA are understaffed, and move through these “aliens” cases like a fast food restaurant, or perhaps they have been given orders to remove X number of people from Canada in the first quarter (and to target certain religions or races), or perhaps they don’t understand anymore what they’re doing on a bigger scale and forget that they’re dealing with human life. Perhaps only 10% of asylum cases are legitimate, but the way the system is currently designed, they will never catch those 10% because they have created within their own system a routine of setting people up to fail. They have allowed their Federal Court given power to go to their head’s. What human being in a detention review hearing can bring forward 100% false allegations against someone in the hopes to keep them detained or to pay back for doing right. Out of retribution that the truth has been spoken. That everything has been 100% transparent on our side. Once you start speaking the truth, you cannot stop, there is no going back. Even if you stop, they continue. People need to know what’s happening. We need to take a stand against what is wrong, for ourselves, and for the people after us. So we will continue, peacefully, respectfully, truthfully, direct, with honour and remembering that maybe the ones who gossip, or the ones who think they know so much of this system but really have no idea, or the ones who have sat down in the fight, will have to answer one day why they gave up, why they did nothing, why they only cared about their own struggles and why they are in that position, and that’s because people let it.


Through the help of a new friend, Muhammed and his wife were referred to an amazing lawyer who took the case. What was uncovered is that the amendment to Muhammed’s original approval for protection, which was dated January 3rd, 2013, cannot, in legal terms be amended by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. They did it anyway. The proper information has been filed to the Federal Court of Canada for judgement.

Simply put, Muhammed has been arrested and detained illegally. If CBSA had done a proper analysis of his case, and referred to law, he would not have been arrested and scheduled for removal at all! In the hopes that the Federal Court of Canada agree that the “amended decision” should be declared “null”, the campaign continues for justice for Muhammed.

Muhammed and his wife believe that the board member judge from the IRB are keeping him in the detention centre out of retribution because of the campaign, transparency, awareness and struggle to bring justice to all individuals with a similar fight. Until and if/when they get an order from Federal Court, despite what his lawyer presented to the board member of the IRB in his last detention review, Muhammed and his wife believe they will hold him to make this as hard as possible and to “punish” them.

Below is one page from his last Federal Court submittal to bring awareness to this immigration system in Canada and in the hopes more people understand, and so that MUHAMMED CAN HAVE JUSTICE.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” -Martin Luther King Jr.


Gambia: Ndure Cham’s arrest confirmed

“The arrest of the fugitive leader of the March 2006 alleged coup attempt in the Gambia, Col. Ndure Cham has been confirmed to ASN by highly placed intelligence official of the country’s spy agency – the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).”

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Detained Babylon Alkalo, 14 others inaccessible by family members

“Amidst conflicting reports reaching the Daily News Family Members of the detained village head of Babylon village Lamin Jarju said they could not confirm where their love ones are detained. Three  officers forced their way in through their back door as others went through the front door knocking their door and forcefully took him away.

 Jarju and fourteen others said they are yet to access their love ones following their arrest on the 14, and 15 of August 2013 by officers of the Tasked Force and subsequently arraigned at the Brikama Magistrate’s Court.

Some reports indicate that the detainees are kept at the Janjangbureh prison in the Central River Region whiles others are saying that they are detained at the Mile 2 prison.”

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‘I am beginning not to recognize this country’: Bonnie Klein on receiving the Order of Canada

“Our country is closing its doors to immigrants and refugees, including political refugees, except those who can invest large sums in our economy or contribute cheap labour as temporary foreign workers.”

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A year on from the Gambia’s return to executions – Amnesty Int’l

“To this day, the burial site has not been made known despite a UN Human Rights Council resolution on March 2012 calling on states that execute to either return the body or disclose the burial site. When states execute in secrete it compounds the cruelty of the death penalty. The Human Rights Committee and the Committee against Torture have in the past criticized secretive practices surrounding executions in Belarus, Japan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.”

“We have seen what we can achieve when we work together, and we must continue to speak out against the systemic human rights violations in the Gambia.”

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CBSA: The Rampant Immigration and Refugee Repellant

by Muhammed Sillah, August 21st, 2013

Immigrants and refugee seekers have little or no chance to be released from the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre while being held for assessment of their immigration matter. Many detainees who have presented a minimum of $10,000 cash bond and ten times this amount as performance bond in guarantee of their cooperation with CBSA upon their release, is always turned down by the refugee board.  A criminal with a pending murder charge are more likely be released from detention or jail than a refugee seeker or immigrant: has the hatred for immigrants gotten to this level?

The public safety representative and CBSA deem immigrants and refugees to be more of a threat to society upon release than criminals, which is absurd. Criminals who are likely to do what they do best as murderers if released compared to immigrants and refugees who are likely to work, pay taxes and contribute positive to the economy upon release, CBSA and the public rep still do not realize who is more of a threat to this society or a benefit?  

Voluntarily leaving Canada to prevent deportation upon expiration on Visa’s and status of immigrants and refugees can be blamed on their strong ties with Canadians through marriage or children and are waiting on approval on their spousal sponsorship to acquire legal status again to avoid separation with their families, communities and jobs. Being fearful to return home has resulted in new developments at home under threats from groups, friends, and family or a change in sexuality and adoption of western lifestyle that has been accumulating to fearful reasons to leave for their native home upon status expiration. Tyrannical governments who citizens in the diasporas are using the proven success of political campaign and advocacy online post torture and death risks on their citizens on return to their countries. Tourists and business individuals with legitimate Visa’s, hotel reservations and pocket money enough to cover their time of stay in Canada are accused of searching for greener pasture and are detained and deported too often.

Refuge seekers in Canada are being arrested and staying together with claimants who refugee matters has been assessed to ensure reasonable grounds of their removal or stay in Canada. However, this is a recipe for failure for they have been refrained from being able to provide necessary documentation to appropriately represent their case to the IRB, which now includes only 30-60 days upon arrival in Canada to prepare and attend a hearing that determines their future in Canada. All while under a condition that refuses one’s access to internet usage, long distance calls and other necessary measures to ensure funding for proper representation with complete evidence, put together by counsel.

Immigrants and refugees are completely treated like animals or worse in the eyes of the public . They are transported in the same manner in which criminals are as if they retain the same risk upon society. When they are transported to hospitals for example, either for treatment or for exams, they are cuffed and shackled and held by the arm by guards, accompanied by two more body guards. This causes enough attention on detainees from the public giving them the impression of a criminal. Since they are in detention for minor immigration violation, or waiting on transit for few days until their flight date home, they remain sensitive on how the public receives them. They are innocent of any crime whatsoever, but yet the image portrayed on them is that of a vicious criminal: a criminal who is well guarded and restrained to evade any chance of escape.  If criminals and other violent abusers of the law make it easier back into society or be condemned to GPS monitoring then immigrants should be treated just a little better but not the same or worse. Immigrants must be given the chance to be totally free when a required or reasonable bond is placed according to the law. They should secure the chance to be released or even placed on house arrest to minimize their movement if need be.  The very least detainees deserve is a free and fair detention review.

There is believed to be shady interaction at hearings before the presence of detainees and during their detention reviews at the holding centre. The communication between CBSA and the member of IRB is certain before every detention review hearing. The member and the CBSA rep are always seated and ready before the appearance of the detainee and also in communication in the absence of the detainee. There was conversation I interrupted between CBSA and the board upon my entrance into the court room. I saw both parties talk and they quit immediately when they spotted me prior to my entry. It is known to all detainees that the decision of their continual detention is already decided before their appearance in court between the judge and CBSA or public safety representative. The CBSA rep always has the upper hand on what goes on in the decision of anyone’s continual detention or release. The judge never makes their own decision but is always influenced and considers what the CBSA has to say in one’s detention review foremost. For some reason the judge never argues what CBSA puts forward in the hearing, he is always arguing, discrediting and never satisfied with what a detainee or their counsel presents in court.

Every detainee is given the same detention review schedule on each day there is a review. Should there be ten detainees to be heard on a particular day, they are booked to proceed at 9am which is always false. This does not guarantee when your review is in place and it actually starts from after 9am until late afternoon. In between this time frame anyone could be called for a review if they were scheduled for that day. Should there be a representation, friends, family, etc. that are interested to be present at your hearing, they might leave for they are in limbo for up to eight hours. They are not assured when the review starts. Since a decision is known to have been rendered prior to the review it is known that no amount of cash or performance bond can results to ones release when they have agreed not to release you. Some of these lawyers cannot even argue your case because they have little or no idea about their client’s case but would show up just to show care or even accept the payment to represent in the hopes they land a reasonable member or at the very least, are luck of the draw.

How many days in detention…?

Muhammed has been in detention, controlled by rampant G4S security guards, stepped on by even more rampant CBSA officers, sharing a room with two other men, eating unclean food, being barred from seeing his wife (due to a peaceful protest to save his life) , no access to internet or phone without having to use a calling card for a total of
84 days
Stay strong Muhammed!


There are currently up to 12 children (some sick) who are being held with their mothers, even if the child is Canadian. Canadians need to start to pay attention to what is happening underneath their noses, our global image is shifting to an ugly one. Is this really how we treat people who need protection? Shameful.

Canada’s Immigration Reforms: Canada’s Shame